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NO WAY it could get Boring, Beautiful bike, great pictures, just add a bikini clad hottie or two (I know you got plenty in Australia) and we have a picture contest winner...
Seriously though no such thing as too many pictures.

Looks great.
not boring at all... Beauty!

BTW - I love the back drop...

I would love to get out to Aussie land someday. You guys have awesome rock climbing in some parts! Not to mention diving for Great Whites!
BTW - what is that yellow thing on your handle grip?

- An add-on switch?
- Austrailian doo-higgy that we don't need?
- light reflection?

Just curious mate.


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Good Eye VR...
I am going to guess that that is the Euro-Spec "Flash To Pass" switch...Just a guess though.

I was looking at an Aprilia Futura before I bought the Busa (don't ask why call it quest for something different) and it had a similar blue switch.

Flash your lights in the states as I am sure you know and folks just get all hostile and twitchy. Everywhere else it seems to be an acceptable means of requesting a clear line.

Just my guess though, it's probably some sort of High tech Hottie summoning device...

Big O

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Always nice to see pics of the bike,  I'm guessing the switch is to flash the brights, to alert the 'roos to get out of the way.


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Yeah Thats rough, I spent about 6 months at Ft. Mead...Working shall we say... and I remember their being some pretty wild rules all around the DC, MD, VA area. Inspections etc...I would love to go ride up in the PA, West Virginia country side, real pretty up there.
It's allready getting a bit to warm to leather up and ride down here.


The yellow switch is indeed a pass light switch (switches high beam). I can assure you it's a complete waste of time here in Oz. No one would take any notice! Might be applicable in Europe.
I would love to go ride up in the PA, West Virginia country side, real pretty up there.
Us Nor-Easters should hook-up with you Sou-Easters in GA... Then we could shoot up the Blueridge parkway and Skyline Drive.

Some of the sweetest asphalt around. And the views are pretty awesome too. Not like those guys have in Vegas, but pretty sweet just the same!

Bring Mike with ya (he's from Tampa right)... And, I will bring the VA gang. MAybe even NinjaEater (or any others) wants to travel down for a bit.

The Captain and some of the other "flat state" guys could come out too.

Lemme know if there is any interest and I can start detailing maps with my DeLorme topo software.

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