Another oddball question - clutch


For you clutch gurus. If you put three extra strength springs in the clutch as recommended by many guys, does that make the clutch lever harder to pull? I'd do it if it didn't increase the already hard lever pull (for my wimpy hand :) )


Well, I'm no clutch guru by far. But the way I would figure it would be if you are increasing the clamping pressure that the pressure plate applies to the clutch plates by adding heavier springs it would take more pressure to release the springs which is what you do when you pull in clutch lever. Now I know this would apply with a cable clutch, but whether or how much difference it makes with the hydraulic clutch I'm not sure!

By adding heavier tension springs it allow more power to be transferred from the engine to transmission via the clutch which can only transfer so much until it will eventually slip since a clutch is merely a set of friction/composite discs and steel discs being clamped together by pressure plate. Whereas a lock-up clutch system will get to a certain point and then it will as it says lock-up almost becoming a solid transfer point between engine and trans. Where whatever the engine throws at it, it will throw at the tranny.

That at least sounds good doesn't it? :laugh:


Yes it will increase the clutch handle pressure. But the better question was asked previously, "what is the benefit" you are looking for?

Typically, you do not need to add spring pressure unless you are drag racing the bike. Once you start to get over 170 hp then you need to start stepping up the static pressure.

Keep in mind if you start increasong the spring pressure you may want to invest in the APE clutch slave support. I have seen far too many of these break by increasing the spring pressure.

Here is a good series of articles to read on the clutch:
:: DRAGBIKE.COM :: DRAGBIKE MAGAZINE :: The Hayabusa Clutch: Part 1 of 3 ::
:: DRAGBIKE.COM :: DRAGBIKE MAGAZINE :: The Hayabusa Clutch: Part 2 of 3 ::
:: DRAGBIKE.COM :: DRAGBIKE MAGAZINE :: The Hayabusa Clutch: Part 3 of 3 ::


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3 isnt that bad at all. I put 3 on my bike it is is still pretty easy to pull. I put 6 in my friends bike and it is definately harder to pull
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