Another Newbie

Hello all -

Just got my first Hayabusa, a 2004 Limited... Traded up from a 2004 GSX-R600. Just found the group through Google.

I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts -- if anyone wants to go riding, drop me a line...

The bike has Yoshi slipons and a Puig windscreen. Other than that it is stock.

Looks like a really cool group here -- glad I found it!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone...

Yes, I know the reflectors need to go, followed by the mud flap... that is a project for this weekend
Nice bike. I was up in Chatham late August. Stopped at the Suzuki dealer in Hyannis and they only had 1 Busa. Anyway I live in Westfield MA - basically on the other side of MA from you. Enjoy whats left of the riding season.

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