Another new helmet, but I want this one.

That is awesome!

$1500-$2000 is rather pricey but if you look at the price of an Aria helmet $750 and a Garmin Zumo $650 then the price isn't so bad and remember the price will drop after the rich BMW riders start to purchase them.
I like the idea but the view with actual Nav or street info on it seems confusing.
I'm not sure how much visual interference there would be having that in front of your field of view?
Seems like you wouldn't want to have that map and red lit direction right in front of you on a busy street?
I'd have to try it to make a better determination.
I am not one to talk...I usually buy now and suffer the concequences later...:laugh: but I am getting smarter.

I like the point above,I dont think I'd want all that krap in my field of vision,not on a Busa anyway.

I'd let some bikers test it "real world" for a year or 2.
Points to consider:

its not yer lid of choice(comfort)
effected by water? (visibilty)
malfunction while riding?
dropping the lid by accident?
how much for a new screen WHEN original gets scratched?
etc etc

Looks like a neat toy,but I would wait for Version II,III,IV,V :laugh:

I never look at my gps when driving so I don't need to take my eyes off the road. Voice is enough for me, I think what they are offering is more intrusive.