Another Mother's Day gift

lil charlie

Since Blanca is posting up what the Cuban Dragon is getting I figured that I would post up what the misses is getting.

She told me a little while back that she needed an apron so she can quit messing up her shirts when cooking. I went to Hobby Lobby and found this black apron and got some bright fabric paints. Then all of the kids (4 of them...14, 11, 2-1/2, & 6months) dipped there hands is the paint and tagged up the apron. The baby put some foot prints on there too. He was the hardest because He wouldn't release his fist. He didn't like the paint, lol. I wanted to do his butt cheeks but it was hard enough with his hands and feet. Once they were done I added 4 hearts and place each of there initials inside a heart.

Who says I can't be creative???

I also got both her and my mom gift certificates to get mani/pedis at there favorite place. Them I will take them out for a nice meal.