Another good reason to ride bikes.... OMG


This is why I always back into my driveway and garage. Once I see the space is clear I park. Now I only have to look around before I leave as the message above tells us here. Then drive off without having to worry about backing over anything.

Backing accidents in garages and driveways are a real killer of children. 2400 accidents a year... about 50 kids per week... not all fatal, but a preventable accidents regardless.
And the "responsible" adult watching this very young child was where?

That's some scary stuff right there. Good on the Utility Co workers for being heads up.
That is just sad to see. The parents should be punished for letting that happen. I know it is hard to watch kids all the time but some of the things I have heard that kids do because they are not being watched is just sad.


Holy s***!!! Thank God that little baby is OK. And a big kudos to the utility workers for actually doing their jobs with good attention to detail and responsibly.

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