Another front sprocket


The Watcher
Well I do not know what I am pushing for exact HP at the moment but the torque just wiped out a chain with 100 miles on it and another front sprocket. Chain can be fixed with extrat links, sprocket is missing teeth. 1/4 was unreal. I had a hard time launching, being out of practice. However the second 1/8 made up for what it lost of the line 150mph 160mph top speed at the end of the 1/4.
I would go up one tooth in the front and three in the back to evan it out. Maybe then it will not brake.
Been there thanks. Had the 19/41. Running the 18/40. There has to be some kind of Titanium sprockets.
Major WOW..rippin' teeth off wasting chains..not fun...
What do the "NLR" folks use...remember 900 hp's for a split second though the traps....sheez..amazing..stuff these Busa's
Yeah, what are the other guys using. I think that is who you should ask. There are a lot of the Turbo's out there.