Another Economy/Job PITA..


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Kind of a current conditions frustration vent/rant.
As in so many companies around the country today, I've been cut to 32 hours for the last month and a half. In Missouri we can draw 1 day of unemployment to help cover the day off (equals about half a days pay), which is very handy when every penny helps.
But today I find, the lady who records and reports out hours screwed up and actually over paid me by one hour. To get the day of unemployment you have to work at least 24 hours but not more than 32, with the hour over payment it put me at 33 hours which gained me $13 on my take home, and cost me a $64 unemployment check. I know, it's just a few $$, and I am truly grateful to have a job at all, but it's just another irritation to go along with all the rest of the ongoing stress.

Been a looong winter, I'll sure be glad when the weather warms up.
All this failing economy, short hours, no work, will I have a job at all next month, cold weather, no riding, is starting to wear on my nerves.:-(
No, it was just on mine. Wrong button push on her calculator, simple mistake. Just happened to cost me the $$. They are going to try to (and probably will) fix it, just another blood pressure spike to go along with all the rest.

Back yard is too muddy and the roads are too salty to get the Busa out so..
Plan B,, the Green Machine..

Being the backwoods, trailer park trash that I am, a day in the woods on the dirt bike can do wonders. Supposed to be 65 tomorrow, I'm going to go burn some pre-mix. Going to take the GoPro, so I may even have a video to show.

Life goes on.:beerchug:
Hang in there brother. I can remember back in the late '70's early '80 getting 20 hours a week in NC. Just enough to prevent you from drawing anything. I only had a car loan then ...
just laid off this mourning if it makes you feel any better.... hopefully just week or a month but who knows its bad times for sure but it could be worse still got the busa for now at least
just laid off this mourning if it makes you feel any better.... hopefully just week or a month but who knows its bad times for sure but it could be worse still got the busa for now at least

Pretty much an accepted fact, lay offs are coming to my shop in a week or two.
I've been late only twice in over 13 years, have had vacation to cover any sick days, and have taken on the $1,000,000 robotic welder that everyone else in the company screamed and ran from. Hope that's enough to keep me there.:please:
Good thing my hair is already white.
just trying to be positive here..... ive never had to file for you know but this might be that first for everything time... hoping its just another blessing in disguise
I've noticed a marked increase in the amount of depressed/jobless/insurance less people coming to seek help. I think it may be the tip of the iceberg. Rough roads ahead.

Yep, I can rant right along with you. Lost my job in Dec after 11 years.

Don't know how many resumes I've sent out.. and only one interview, and didn't get it.

Then somehow the state of Florida received a "New Hire" notification from my old job and cancelled my unemployment. After countless hours on hold with the state, a couple calls to the old HR.. they got it reinstated.

Come on Obama, fix this mess..pleeaaassseeeee.... :please:
And don't even get me started on the health insurance mess... COBRA??? $500 a month.. puhlease. KMA and all that. Had to apply for health insurance from a major carrier, waiting to see if I'm accepted or not.

I was gonna skip any insurance, but riding a motorcycle with no insurance is kinda dumb :whistle:
In the automotive industry, we've noticed a tiny bit of recovery already. Better weather and economic times are coming......:beerchug: