And, what's the deal with Ricers?


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I have noticed that almost every little car with a huge wing on the back and Japanise writing all over it wants to role his window down to give me a thumbs up.

Anyone else get this? I don't want to think that there is some kind of link between sport bikes and Ricers. I always used to laugh at them.

I just smile back and nod. They seem to respect the Busa and they should. I guess it's better than Ford Lightnings wanting to race all the time.
I get nods from everyone now... Used to ride a Kawasaki Concours and rarely did I hear, "cool bike."

But... What I really dig is the chicks freaking over it now! Of course my wifey doesn't like that so much, but... Never used to get them w3t with my sport/tour.
We get that too........I think it's cause of stupid Biker know that was a crappy spinoff of their favorite movie....the quick and the mildy agitated a.k.a. the fast and the furious.
I do find that the ladies really dig the Busa, some of the guys will check it out but they are usually too concerned about being cool to actually admit it.  The ladies, look the thing up and down...Or maybe it's just my good looks...NOT.
 My favorite is the little kids, man give them a little burnout by a bus stop or a wheelie past the big yellow Bus and can here them little buggers freakin out.  Good honest responses from the kids.  I love the little faces pressed up against the Minivan Windows to get a better look.
Some guy the other day pulled up to me with his Rice on wheels and gave it a rev with the 8" exhaust tip and i let the TWIN D&D's turn him to SUSHI .....

....gotta love it

then added the blow by one wheel salute as he took off and and tried to get away ......
The word is out gentlemen!
I have a friend of mine on my hockey team who has a "Ricer" and he said they won't race us because they KNOW we are so much faster. Especially when they pull up next to you and see 1300 on the back of the bike.

I'm with Revlis on the kids thing, I love to see the little faces in the windows looking looking bored on the fwy and I ride up next to them and wave, they get all excited and start pointing, like, "Mommy look! motorcycle!" See, good guys DO wear black!
it's not that I dont mind the respect, its that I dont want it. From my experience, many ricers tend to be a very immature, very reckless group. They take a compact car, invest thousands of wasted dollars into it, never finish it, and annoy the hell out of bikers when we ride.

They know their 4 cylinder piece of sh*t isnt even going to come close to beating a bike. But they still roll up next to me, rev up their obnoxiously loud engine, and cause tons of unwanted attention to me. I cant handle the "look everyone, I have the loudest 1.6 liter car on the planet, let me rev up my engine for you and try to race everything" obnoxious attitude

Those cars really make me sick to me stomach. If you invest $10,000 "customizing" a honda accord, guess what you've got?

An idiot with $10,000 in credit card debt and an unsellable honda accord

I watched a ricer nearly run my friend over on his CBR929 when he was doing a stand up wheelie down the road. Instead of staying back and watching from a safe distance, they came within 5 feet from his rear tire, causing him to chop the throttle off in a panic and cause a nasty headshake.

To all the ricers and your clubs I say this-

Take your piece of sh*t 4 cylinder with the retarded muffler, cigarette boat spoiler, cheesy japanese stickers and you're 15 year old middle school girlfriend and get the flying f00k out of my face, quit annoying the entire world and get a life

<-- steps off the soap box now

Mike, Quit holding back man.  I mean, tell us how you really feel.  You are not really expressing yourself clearly.

I am with you on this one, I haven't really had any lil' imports try to race me, though last night I had a couple of guys in their Mom's car Shout at me "Get A Harley!"  I pulled even with the drivers side window, flipped up my visor, and told them to F*&K OFF!  At which point I was getting ready to put the side stand down just in case, but they both sobered right up and stared straight ahead, wouldn't look back my way.  I figured the padded leathers, gloves and helmet probably make me look real big or something, funny though.  Kids...