And the bomber hysteria spreads to CT/LI


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So I'm out getting a haircut in preparation for a trip next week and I get a text from my wife saying something was going on in our town. Now, we live in the bustling metropolis of Orient NY, where there are a whopping 360ish homes that are 40% occupied year round. Silly season starts in a few weeks so still pretty empty out here. About a minute later I see a local cop flying up the main road behind me. I look down, notice I'm actually about 20 over and think awwhhh crap. He blows past me like I'm not even there. A few mins later a line of them come flying past well in excess of the posted limit with lights but no sirens on.

And I find this when I try to get back to the east end of the island

Seems someone on the ferry that docks about 1/4mi from my front door spotted a guy on the ferry that looked like a close match of the boston bomber guy. Island was locked down, ferry was locked down, bomb squad was out, folks told to stay inside (according to neighbors), etc
Police descending on Orient ferry terminal; got 'visual' on subject | Suffolk Times

I'm glad they took action and I sincerely hope they find the little shiphead alive and find out who is helping/handling him. I fear the plan was for them to die in the bombing and then they didnt, when the heat got too close their handlers left them on their own which lead to the Watertown craziness. My other fear is that any kid that looks even remotely close to the guy will be called in and police efforts will get stretched away from real things towards these false alarms.

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It's almost to the point to where showing your face outdoors will result in immediate notification of your location to police by systems in place. In Britain it's like that already in many places.

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