and so starts the stress


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just a month ago we were praised with this:

GE Transportation posts record profit in 2012 | Times-News

to today we were slapped in the face with this:

GE Transportation Cutting Erie Jobs-Moving Work to Texas - WICU12/WSEE Erie, PA News, Sports, Weather and Events

thats 950 out of 4000+ workers....we are the largest employer in the state..... we knew this was comeing...still dont make it any easyer...great for those in texas getting the jobs...sad they wont be paid much over 12-15 bucks a hour....keep em poor and rake in the profits why 1% rules everything.


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WE did a little intant messaging tonight but if I lived in yer "hood" I would have bought you a "sleep aid". :drink::drink::drink:

Best wishes bro.



It's all about adapting and surviving. No company cares about you (maybe a small mom and pop shop would be an exception), you use them and they use you. When people get some sort of love for their company it's just a false prophesy.

Good luck, motivation is the fuel of success.

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sucks dude, hope your not one of the unfortunate ones, but incase you are, we have two plants in ohio that cant find people (qualified people). Not sure what the pay is down there and after all it is Ohio. But if you need it I can hook you up with some people down there. All aero work.


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Yep, yep, well it sounds like those jobs are being moved within the borders. My understanding is that the job market was piss poor again last month. Time for some gun violence coverage in the media. After all who cares about the worst economy in the history of our nation and record unemployment with an incredible record number of people on government assistance.........:whistle:
It's all about production, growth and profit. If you can have more, faster and for less then chances are that you'll take advantage of it.
Sounds to me like someone in GE's executive offices is fattening up their retirement package.
Greed is a sin.

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