An appeal to the kazaa users here...


I've noted that between the two "big" Hayabusa boards about thirty different people (at least) are looking for a way to download the Hayabusa Service Manual PDF. I realize why it cannot be downloaded from the server the board is hosted on, and totally agree with The Captains decision (thanks Cap&#33

What I can't figure out is why that during the last three weeks not one person with the manual has stayed logged into a P2P for more than several minutes. Checking my event logger shows that three different Kazaa users "sharing" the Manual connected and disconnected within minutes just this week. In fact, I have searched from three different systems just to try to determine whether I had an issue that was inhibiting my ability to search for it.

I am respectfully requesting that one (or more) of the people with "the Manual" stay on Kazaa long enough for several of us to download it. I have cable, and could download it quickly. I also stay connected to a P2P most of the time (mainly Kazaa), which would allow others that needed the file to download it from me, albeit at 25 kb/m (ATTBI limits upload speed).

Many would appreciate any help anyone could offer in this matter.

this is a good idea, I have cable too and if I had a chance to download it I would stay online to help other people download it also. if anybody could stay on long enough I would start up and download it right away
I never got the manual because I went to this Kazaa thing and it was something that you have to download onto your computer and I am not going to do that. Thats how you advertising crap and viruses. So I am still manual-less.
win43 send me your address and I will ship you a cd with the manual and the microfishe images on there too. I take care of the regular members.
Kazaa sucks. If you have to use Kazaa, use Kazaa-lite. It's free of ads, spyware, download limits:

It still sucks, though.

I'd suggest using WinMX if you want a file sharing app. Never had any ads, spyware or limits, still doesn't and the network is better:

Of course, if you want other stuff, nothing beats mIRC (A pain to get started, but well worth the effort. Do a search to find info. I can't help with this one).
BTW, I'm on WinMX right now. Manual, microfiche are both available. I've also got the ZX12 manual/microfiche if you're interested.
If i can get the manual from someone I have a 640k DSL line I could leave it on my server setup an FTP sight for the guys on this board to get the password on here or even use Kazaa but I havent found anyone to download it from can I get some help ..
After downloading and installing a "real" FTP client I finally have the Hayabusa Service Manual. Let the "Kazaaing" begin!

As always - big thanks to Captain...