Amsoil change

I made the switch to Amsoil 10x40 today. No big deal, just a standard oil change but here is the wierd part. After changing the filter I put in 3.5 quarts like the manual says. I started the engine and let her run for a few minutes then shut it down and checked the oil.(I'm in my garage on level ground :-) ) The oil level meter hits just about the "low" indicator on the glass. I repeated the above a couple of times and it does not change the oil level. Sooooo I put the .5 quarts of oil that I had remaining into the bike and now the oil level reads full.

Anyone else run into this? What should I trust the oil level indicator or the manual?
+1 from me, too

4 quarts

And always go with what you can see for yourself instead of what someone five thousand miles away wrote in the manual. No one reads the instructions anyway, right?
That's more like just a "suggestion."


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It's almost 4 quarts with a new filter. The factory shop manual gives the correct amount which proves the user manual included with the bike is wrong.

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