Amazing website with info


I rec'd my new transmission today! it took 3 days in USPS mail service to deliver.
looks beautiful! But I am sending it out for undercutting 2nd & 6th gear for 100$
a service I found online. Business for 20yrs.

But I was doing some research on exactly what is undercutting and how does gears slip out.
I came across this site that has alot of info broken down for dummies like myself. Info
I have not even seen posted on our hayabusa sites. This site seems to be information on
using our engines in carts etc. You can browse other pages to get great tips and learn a thing or two about the engines/tranny
Great info.
Definately will keep posted. Not a bad price at all for 2nd & 6th to be undercut. Because some of us
know there is a false nuetral between 5 & 6 lol.  Also they have a 1 day turn around. You can't beat that!
Here is the service link from eBay incase you guys want to do it also


ebay Item number: 120208413674