SERVICE LIKE THIS JUST DOESNT EXIST ANYMORE... or so I thought. DYMAG just made a customer for life out of me! Instant responses by an intelligent human being who took immediate action to keep a customer happy even on rims that were older!

If you dont want to read the whole thing, basically, they just sent me a new sprocket, cush drive, and an upgrade kit for my carbon fiber rims at no cost. Apparently there was a known defect with earlier models that caused the issue, but they took care of it no questions asked.

here is the transcript:


your UNITED STATES distributor told me to send you this email to see what you can do about the sprocket carrier on my cf rear rim.

the sprocket plays side to side several centimeters.and it appears the bearing seating surface has worn. see pictures.

please let me know what you can do for me, and how quickly!

Thanks alot



Dear Kerry,

Thanks for ALL the photos!!!!!!! It took ages for this to download and several connections.

I presume the problem you have is the bearing in the sprocket carrier. Looking at the photo it seems like you require our Up-grade kit. This is a new sprocket carrier housing a larger bearing which will take greater loads. The new carrier also has access holes so that the drive bolts can be checked will out removing the wheel.
We can send you one of these Up-grade kits if I have the details of the bike.
Is you sprocket ok?

Look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards;

Steve Turner.


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From: Nick Matina
To: 'sturner'
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Subject: RE: Dymag CF Rim

Its an 01 KAW ZX12R.

Yes! Please send me the upgrade kit... as I can no longer ride the bike in its current condition.

I will be sure to post to my associates on all the board forums of the wonderful service provided by DYMAG!

Also I forgot to mention, the sprocket, and cush drives are now damaged due to the side to side rocking.

Please mail the part to

Kerry Ward
care of > Nick Matina
Calabasas, Ca 91302

If you need to reach Nick (he will install it for me), his number is ########




All parts are now ready to ship.
We will take it to our local post office tomorrow.
It will be coming via Royal Mail Parcel Service. This usually takes about 5 to 7 working days.
Please drop us a short email after it arrives.

Thank you for being so understanding in this matter.

Take care for now.

Sweet dood! Lets hope more company's figure out how important good CustSupport is.