Ama superbike race at vir


Here are a few select pictures of the VIR trip this past weekend. Needless to say our great time was due mainly to our PERFECT location.

Can't wait till next year.


Me finishing up turn 4 during the "fan lap". Kind of cool I must say. And Yes, I did just pass that red bike on the outside. A little too much drive into the corner for a parade lap.

I have to do the track day thing. Looking into doing cornerspeed in October.

I love this pic. I wonder if sticks his tongue out like that when he is riding. Looks like he is concentrating pertty hard not to run down that poor suzuki crew guy.

By the way. For you camera buffs. All of the pictures were taken with Nikon D50 with a 70-210ED lens. (great camera). Overall I took about 1700 pictures over the 4 days. Ansel Adams stated a good photographer was lucky to get ONE good picture a year. I think I got a few this trip.

I got a bunch of cool souvineers an suzuki stuff.

I will take a picture of the shadow box I'm doing with the autographed shirt and assorted goodies.

I even got my hump signed by maladin and yates. (Is that obscene?)

The dealers had a bunch of "sit on" bikes there and....if the busa dont change next month....I may just add a liter bike to the stable. Well see.

and you know of course that people are going to be pointing out that

A) you rode on the track with shorts and a tshirt

B) that guy is sticking out his tongue because he's got that girl on the back, nothing to do with the suzuki rider

C)you need to post more pics
oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you probably had your helmet open with one of those cigars in your mouth too LOL


Sorry I missed you. I was their Sat. all day near turns 2,3 and 4. Also at the Suzuki guest tent the last to races. Rode my busa from DC 568 mile round trip. A looong ride but well worth it. My first MotoGP race. It was AWSOME!!!!
Nice pics NCBusa.

You met Kevin Schwantz? Pretty cool!! And Greg White of course.

Liked the pics of Miguel Duhamel and his wife riding 2 up on that pit scooter.

Of course the racing shots were really nice too. Good to see Mladin, Spies and Yates all in one picture. Sucks about Spies though. I'm sure he would've challenged Mladin a little more than he did this weekend if not for his broken hand.
NCBusa, I saw you walking away from the tent right after you got the hump signed. I was thinking... "Man, that guy must be a real fan to have something written on his bodywork"