Am I retarded?  Can I "subscribe" to threads?


On many forums you have an option to receive an email whenever someone responds to a thread you have posted in. I cannot for the life of me find this feature on here. It is a little frustrating to have to check every single thread I have posted in to see if there is a response. Am I missing something here?
...put a check in the "Track this topic" feature right next to the "Quick Reply" window just under the thread... :cool:
you can also subscribe to topics without replying.. look for the "Track this topic" link at right after the last post on the page.. should be on the left side above the quick reply box and across from the add reply button..
okay since we are answering dumb questions here what about this one? when you quote someone how do you quote only the part you want not the whole paragraph? sorry to jack your thread man i cant help it. i had to ride the short bus also.

:sad: :tounge:
Hit the quote button as usual, then when the reply box comes up scroll down to the second box. It contains the quoted text. Delete the parts you don't want to quote and then enter your reply in the top reply box. Hit the button to post yer reply and whammo, you just quoted a part of the other person's original post. ;)