My OTR DRIVING JOB DIDNT CALL ME ANY THIS WEEK SO IM READY 2 QUIT.I can get hired at a contsruction materials+lumber yard bizz but will have to unload roofing 90lbs a bundle average house gets 45-50 of them just throwing them off.A nd unload lumber I hope im not 2 over the hill guess i might try it.Any over 40 here work construction???

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I dunno?

I guess it all depends on your current physical condition. I have seen people in the gym that caused surprise for me when I found out they were in their fiftys. I would say, if you feel you are up to it, then go for it. Just play it smart (hydration, pace, maybe a weight belt, no twisting while lifting, etc...)


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One of my grandfathers used to to exactly that kind of work until he was 65. One of the finest physically conditioned people I've ever known.

My other grandfather was a farmer until he was 70 years old. Just a little guy but tough as nails.

I have to admire them both a great deal.

I feel ya man . I drive for a living and I tried that same job your talking about . Hated it !!! I'm a little older than you by 9 years and trust me thats a job for a younger man . The shingles weight in at 75 to 90 lbs and the roof can be hot and steep. Sometimes you do what you have to to get by and I don't know what your company pays but the company I worked for didn't pay squat and it just wasn't worth it to me to kill myself .
What did you haul before ? Refer , Dry Van , Flat bed or tanker ? I've done it all and now I'm thinking of getting out completely . Heck I've even hauled cars and gas . Just not for me anymore . Away from the family and the Busas all the time . They don't pay enough for that.


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it will probally run you into the ground for a week or two. then you will get used to it. if you do it you might want to get a back support brace. i am sure you can handle it.
sounds like good advice he said average size house gets 45-50 bundles roofing.I would just be delivering it not installing. I think i would have 2 pace myself.
True the average house gets 45 to 50 bundles but then you have to space them out all over the roof. Here in Florida its different with the heat and people down here are not building average size houses anymore. Tehn you might average 2 - 3 houses a day . I'm not trying to be a nay-sayer its just there are better ways to make a buck . Flatbed its the way . Stap and go . Anytime you have to fingerprint each load , Well you know from experience . That is just not cool . Good luck in whatever you do .

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