always best to start asking here


ok i figure its probly best to ask any questions here first.

ok am looking for some riding pants but i want a jacket to match with it thats leather good quality too. And would pefer 360 zipper than just a little back zipper

any links would be nice

also found this jacket
Icon Victory Death or Glory Jacket - Street Bike - Men's Riding Gear - Motorcycle Superstore
and like it but does any1 know if it has a 360 zipper? and does icon have any leather pants?
i may be wrong but I believe all icon jackets have only the back zipper, and yes they have pants to match.

If i were you I would look into buying a one piece suit. Visit your local shops, cycle gear, bike shops, etc.

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good luck

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Just take it to an alteration place. They can install a zipper, or point you to a shop thay can.


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I like AGV. Good stuff.

Make sure you get metal YKK zippers. You'll be glad you did.

Well,have you try to sort shops?I much prefer to buy things that i see on my eyes.I love shopping especially for outfit.Online shopping could also be a good choice if you're not in a hurry.

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