Aluminum Rear Underwing (Cowl)

Hayabusa Man

Can anyone tell me who sells an aluminum "rear underwing"? I don't know the proper name for the thing but it looks like a stingray with its' wing open and slightly upward. It may be called a Lower Cowl?

Anyway, some time ago, someone was selling polished aluminum ones with the Kanji logo on it. It was very popular on Ebay.

Well I thought cowling would hold up better from the heat coming off from the HMF exhaust systems.

Thank you.
Competition Werkes sells one similar to what your talking about...It an enclosure...You can get one from Schnitz Racing about $140...
Hey Stunnah, so you say there is two companies who offer something similar to this right? I'll look them up on the web. Thanks man!
I think this is what you were talking about ??
it is 58.95 from schnitz racing