Alternator upgrade...

I thought I remembered a topic on someone who made an upgrade for the stock alternator - maybe a 25% boost?

Can't seem to find it now.

Wanting to run heated gear this winter and more watts = more comfort!

HB - maybe I just need to PM you with all my questions???

You are exactly right - using "stator" in the search turned up the reference to the post I was looking for. Naturally, it was over in the tech section of - so I can't get to it just yet.

Thanks for all your help! I'll just go over here in the corner and rest a spell.....

Just so ya'll don't think I'm too's what I was thinking -

Busa puts out 400 watts, stock

Subtract high (60w) and low (55w) beams for a remainder of 285 watts.  (everything else is LED, negligible watts)

H-D (FLH series) standard output is 480 watts, police bikes are at 540 watts, and the 07s are now at 585 watts.  BUT they have almost no LEDs so their remainder is not that much more than ours, maybe a 100 watts or so.

The upgrade in the post that I saw (from Rick's Motorsport Electrics) talked in terms of a 25% upgrade - about 100 watts!

That puts me back in all the heated winter gear I could ask for!  Especially if it can be done for, say, $250 or so.

Thanks again for all the help!


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