Altercation with a yellowjacket


I was riding down a local street at about 50 felt a whack on my neck and the first thing I thought was BEE!!! didnt feel anything moving though so I began to think mabee it was a rock or some other kind of bug, took a corner and felt something drop down my shirt before I could squash the little bastard he got me 3 times in the chest. anyone else ever had to squish up a bee inside your chothing while doing 40 or so? Kinda makes it hard to stop when one of your hands is trying to make sure you dont get stung again. luckily it wasent a bee it was a yellowjacket (I am alergic to bees/might have had to go to the ER) so I guess I am fine except for that wierd feeling everytime I get hit by a bug.
Yellow Jackets are a-holes... Haven't had a run in with -em on a bike yet, but plenty of pokes while messin' around cuttin' grass and stuff. God, I hate stingin' bugs!!! :mad:
OUCH! Glad you didn't wreck during that altercation!

I think you won...a painful victory... :sad:
Like VA said, a painful victory.

I got wacked 3 times in one year in 88. I had a Honey Bee inside my helmet crawling along the chin bar. Got stopped and got him out with no stings. Had a Yellow Jacket in the ear pocket and managed to get away with no sting that time also. But the the last time, that year, I wasn't so lucky. Keep this in mind, at the time I was young, dumb, and invnicible.... I was tooling along in my T-shirt and shorts at around 120 when I ran into a rather large Hornet. From behind... With the inside of my thigh... about 6" down from my crotch. I reached down with my right hand and removed the, assumed dead, bee from my thigh, throwing him to the ground. After stopping at the safest spot I could find, I used my dog tag to remove the stinger and what was left of the Hornets guts from the inside of my leg. Oh what a wonderful day that was.

I've been nailed in the neck 3 times this summer. We seemed to have an unusually large amount of bees in the Mid-West this year.


I had a large bug (Splat was unidentifable?) almost take my head off at 110 on the freeway. It hit me in the throat like a karate chop. Wasn't sure I could stop before losing consiousness. It felt like a 2x4.
:sad: Back in a hospital in Lone Pine, hour before got stung by a very large honey bee...Skin turned bright red..
started to go into anaphalactic shock..just as i got to the hospital..caretaker put my KZ100 in his shed..thanx man!!
slept it off after several injections..then turned on the Tv and saw what the Russians did.."Shot down KAL007 Jumbo Jet"
also during that time Pres. Reagan almost put us into WW3.
"whew" take honey bee injections since then..1981.
I got hit in the left shoulder by a bird at around 45 mph.  I bout took my hand off the bar!

I don't think the bird liked it much either.  :tounge:
I live in Az so i get flyin roaches. Ever have a roach hit u square in the face?? Luckily not really any other bugs though

TommyB :laugh:
Last year I got a honey bee in my helmet, you just kind of have to take it at the time, it actually dropped out of my helmet down my jacket :eek:
I was able to get to it before it got to me, but I am pretty sure the cars behind me though I had some serious issues

Yea,.......... thoes bugs at 80 mph feel like birds.

Ride safe
Ya ever get hit by a fast ball? Thats what a bird feels like.

About 5 years ago I was on hwy 680 in Fremont (for you Bay Area types) doing about 70 when a 5 gallon paint bucket fell off the top of a truck and bounced right in front of my front tire. Lucky for me the can hit the tire and then came up into my head and right shoulder, otherwise it would have blown me right off the back. It must have been less than a quarter full or I figure I would be dead.
about 8 years ago i was wearing tshirt and shorts and got stung in the neck by a wasp . i was going about 50 or so took a lot to get pulled over but turned out ok. a year later i was riding in downtown newport when a bumble bee smacked me right in the forehead at first i thought i kicked up a rock then the goo ran across my face, that sucker was big.
(i thankfully wear all my gear now):p
Oh yeah.

Years ago (many, many moons) I was on a biketrip over in Idaho going to visit a friend of mine who lived (still does) in Pocatello. I was on my old '81 GS1100EX - no fairing for those that don't know. I don't particularly like running the big road all the time so I was on a little 2 lane road out around Boise area when I rode through a cloud of bees. Best way I can describe it.

Since it was on the warmish side I had my jacket about half open, you guessed it, acting just like a funnel. Even before I could stop I felt them stinging me. I got stopped as quickly as I could and stripped to my skivies right then and there. I had stingers all over me. Looking back I must have been quite the sight - some fellow sitting along side the road in his skivies pulling out bee stingers with a pocket knife...

Years later I told this story to a fellow I worked with who knew something about bees, and he told me that bees are attracted to sound, so my 'ol Suzy must have been calling them for miles around. Go figure.

Still better than driving.

The only bee in the helmet was when I was about twelve and rode with my dirtbike with an open face helmet. It flew into the ear pocket and I could hear it buzzing around. I think that was the fastest I have ever stopped and got my helmet off. I don't think I even undid the chin strap.
I had a yellow jacket fly down my shirt once. I pretty much beat myself up trying to squash it (all at about 80 mph). It didn't get me. Another time I got hit by a june bug (they are huge!) dead square in the middle of my forehead (on the helmet). It snapped my head back so hard, my legs got numb (whiplash?). It was tough getting it pulled over after that one. Bugs suck!
The worse I had some years back. I was riding and stopped at a stop sign. Felt like a cigaret went out in my lap. Wow right between (and I mean betwee)n my legs. First time I was every stung in my life. One week after that i dug up a tree and was stung by 100 yellow jackets. Never ever say i have not been stung. :D
i lost to a bee... sucker flew into my helmet and stung me on my cheek before i was able to stop and get it out. :sad: