Alone for a whole week!!!!


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Beginning next week, my wife is going to visit her mother in TN. I will have an entire week to do whatever I please. I can leave the toilet seat up, sit in the living room naked, leave my shoes in the middle of the hallway floor, eat from the cereal box and drink from the milk carton.

After 18 years, 1 week alone at home is a vacation. :rofl:
Before the week is up you'll be one hungry dude. Good luck with the cereal and milk. I would also say that the house might need to be in pretty good shape when the wife gets home. Just tryin to save you some pain and suffering when she returns. Have a nice week and keep us informed on your progress.:laugh:
make sure you leave the window blinds open and turn the music up real loud while you play video games in the buff and shave one side of your chest so anyone who looks in your windows thinks your crazy, some foaming at the mouth might be fun too
The living room thing is something you should save for when your wife is home.
:poke: She may give you a HONEY DO LIST ?? If not, go ride with the guys and have fun.. We all know you're gonna miss her.. Have fun, Be safe Mister Home alone:laugh:
My girl went to visit her sister in Carson City NV. on Wednsday morning and wont be back till Sunday night! I really don't know what to do with myself!:whistle:
Upon leaving for a visit with family, my wife forgot to cancel our standing appointment with the babysitter for some reason. When the sitter rang the doorbell, she was still wearing her high school varsity volleyball uniform. They sure don't wear the same style that was in when I was in school. The outfit consisted of a white lycra top and short shorts with matching color socks and the logo of a Fox which is the school mascot. The design of the outfit left a narrow gap at the waist that showed me a small cherry tattoo denoting innocence lost. At that moment, I realized that I had been sitting naked in the living room and only had wrapped a towel around my waist prior to answering the door.
Kandy had a knapsack with her change of clothes and walked in like she owned the place saying "Hi Mr. Vonderbach, nice towel" as she smiled and playfully tugged at the knot on my waist. I stood there transfixed on her like a predator as she walked towards the family bath glancing back at me from a few paces away.
The thought of telling her that the family was away never even materialized while I sat back down to watch eurosport and take a swig of my still cold Bavaria..
Kandy came out of the bathroom wearing a white tank top against her medium tan skin. The freckles on her shoulders contrasted with the white cotton looking like a map for hidden treasure. Girly sweatpants and flip flops evidently to show off her pedicure completed the relaxed look. She plopped down on the couch next to me and leaned over to me looking me deeply in the eyes while she stretched to reach across me for the bottle of Bavaria sitting on the table next to the couch. Then she took a long, bottle emptying swig as I watched, mesmerized at the sight. Her flushed full lips against the brown glass made me lose my breath. She brushed up against me as she sat back down. I quickly reached for a throw pillow to put on my lap........................................................ :whistle:
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Hahaha, oh man..... I'm honored!!! :rofl:

But why did you have to put yourself in there? :poke: :laugh: