Almost DONE...


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Well, the turbo has been in the shop for a while. I was happy to wait for the service since I did not have the $$$ to drop right away.

Turns out it was the head gasket on the #4 cylinder. It leaked compression only thus filling the radiator with air hence overheating the motor. The good news was that everything looked fine inside. They milled the head and the cyclinder block to perfection and added a cometic HP head gasket, APE studs and bolts, and a spacer. Now, the boost will be boosted and it will need a retune. I STILL have no made up my mind on the dump pipe though....? It looks mucho cool, but it is SO loud! Decisions decisions.... unfortunately, I have to make up my mind before the dyno tune... any thoughts?

Go with what you like. If it is to much noise then add a least restricting can.
just make sure it is ready for me when I come down next month... you gonna let me rider right??
I pretty well figured it was a blown head gasket. It's good to hear that you are putting it back together the right way.

What type of system is your turbo?
The Micron exhaust systems the come with the Hahn kits are very heavy, and Hp robbers. Personally I liked the sound of the Hahn kit with a dump pipe. When I ran a Hahn system on My bike, I had the dump pipe come out the back of the lowers, and then turn down towards the ground. It worked out really nice.
Yeah, I realize that is true. Ninja has a similar dump pipe to what you described. I think I will let them install the Micron for now though, doubt I will miss the HP if the rear tire is anything over 250!!! For now...
Can you handle the power...i wish i had the chance to test one....Oh yea i can "maybe" hehe..jealous in Nevada
They are still waiting for the spacer before they can put it back together. I will post the results when i get it back... anxiously waiting...
Are ya gonna ride it a while and then sell it..after it's back in your garage..ride it to Laguna..yea do regards
Glad to hear some of those wounds are healing up Doc. I hope you don't run into anymore problems.
Glad to hear some of those wounds are healing up Doc.  I hope you don't run into anymore problems.
It should have been back this week, but he is waiting on adjustable cam sprockets...   Can anyone explain what these are and why I would need them with a spacer plate?

When you add a spacer, shave the block or head it changes the cam timing and the adj. sprocket allows you to correct the change.
Don't forget the Spacer for the Cam Chain Adjuster too. The Base Plate Spacer is putting extra tension on the cam chain and this allows the Adjuster not to be too tight against the cam chain.