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Cant figure out why most of the newbies :newbie: and some of the Old tymers Post pics of their bike only? We all know what a stockeroo Busa looks like ... lets see the proud new owners!!! With familes too...

come on u can do it.
Ok, I know I am not a newbie (well sort of, I've been here for 6 months) ...  And, you are gonna prolly regret asking...  But, here goes...

This one is in Tacoma at my brothers house.

It is: My brother, me, neice, neice, neice (hidding), my wife, my sister-in-law, and my neice.

Aren't we a cute family!

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This is me as best man and chauffer for one of my best friends and my wife's friend! We hooked them up. Isn't that sweet.

This is me and my bestest friend... My brother.

He lives in Tacoma with a nice view of Mt. Rainier. I am soooo Jealous!

I told you that you would regret asking for pics...

Here goes...

BTW - no comments about the chicken legs... I am in climbing condition... Yeah, yeah... That's the ticket!


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Rename this thread "The Oracle" thread!

All great pics...well, that last one might be a bit questionable! :D

I really loved the first one Oracle...shows a family that knows how to have some fun! :) Glad you shared them...
I thought that was what the "Post Your Face" thread was for... in general...
Very cool & funny, thaks. I was hoping for maybe members and or fam to pose with the busa rather than just another shot of a new busa. I will try to put one up soon of me + wifey + busa. :D
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The busa IS my family. And I already posted a pic of me & her in the other thread.