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Getting ready to extend my swingarm. I got my extensions from GIXXER1300R and I will say he and his product are top notch!!!!!:thumbsup: Came with brake bar and the extensions even have a spot for the rear stand mounts to bolt inplace instead of trying to reach them when they are another 6 inches forward of the wheel. Got adjustable links from Soupys and would do it again and again. I am waiting for my freind to return from a trip and clear the scedual for his table lift at his shop so I can use it for a night.I am using my stock brake line for now and extending my chain which is new with a section from another new chain he has at his shop from another busa project (FREE) gotta love that.He saved me $160-$210 plus free labor to help me with the job and use of his shop.Now thats a freind.I will supply beer. Oh wait he has a keg on tap in the shop. I'l buy dinner and drinks next time out. Cant wait willl get pics when its done.

busa dave

how do you get a hold of "gixxer1300R" ? I looked up the username and it looks like he hasn't signed in here since 2006

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