ALL my Busa stuff!


Hey guys, haven't been on here in a couple years. I'm getting out of the game and getting into track life. Dumping all of my Busa stuff.
Located near Denver, CO... buyer pays shipping.

I have shelves full of parts. Engine, suspension, electrical, bodywork, etc... Gen 1 & 2, OEM & aftermarket.

Post up or PM me and ask about whatever you need.
There is far too much to list outright, but some noteable mentions:

-Turn-key gen2 turbo engine with 0 miles on new build. 91mm T3/4 hybrid, fully built head (ported/polished/agressive cams/oversized valves), stock bottom end. Top end is built the same as my tuner's 800hp drag bike. IC piping is set up for a naked bike, you would need to do your own thing with that.

-Ohlins rear shock, should work for both gens.

-2 frames, one with title one without.

-Ohlins side-mount steering damper.

-Matched gen 2 fairings minus tail, various gen 1 plastics.

-6 over gen 1 extended tail.

-B-King tail and swingarm good for a conversion.

-Polished gen 1 swingarm.

Lots and lots more. Might consider trading some stuff for a track bike, 600 or 1k class.
If you ask for prices on something, I'm gonna check what that item is going for on ebay and tell you a little bit under whatever the average is... so if you're just curious about numbers you can check that way.

Happy riding!

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