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Very nice. I wish I had a website like that. Maybe that will be on this winter's list.
I added some more detail to the stuff on my
Busa Pages....
The link is at the start of this thread....

Thanks for the constructive's! Drew, LoBusa, Dr. Geek...

Thinker, I can help w/ your own site... Send me a note if ya want to talk about it

Nice WEB Page... How long have you been in the Air Force?

I have been thinking about doing the grab rail/hump mod. for over a year. Everytime I get ready to do it I install the grab rail and put the hump on and just sit there and look at the bike. I almost cut into the hump last night, but when I look at the back end of the Busa it just looks better without the grab rail installed. I even had the grab rail chromed...

So for now I will not install the grab rail, it just breaks up the clean lines of the tail section. Who knows I may complete the mod. someday when I have a spare hump...

Very very nice !! I am missing something though - why did you mod the hump to put the grab bar on ? It obviously can't be used by the passenger when the hump is on ?
Banditoo... The only reason I can see for doing the hump mod is because it is an incredible pain to take the bolts on and off and on and off to install or remove the grab rail every time you switch from hump to passenger seat. Bolts and washers get lost, grab rails get scratched up, it's much more convenient to just pop the seat and put the hump on, or vice versa.
Hey Puck, have you noticed how the grab rail is shaped? Looks kind of like a wing doesn't it. Sooo at 186 mph you should be getting some added downforce on the rear of the busa to keep it grounded and the rear tire planted well. Just my rational for doing the mod to my cowl........
The grap bar looks awesome with the hump on looks like a spoiler
I went nuts with my dremel this past summer for both the storage and rail. 'Well worth the effort and take advantage of that wasted space in the hump. Having the rail is nice (and safer) for an additional place to grab the bike when working on it in the garage.
Hey CorrodedAlien, where can I find the Laminar Lip? Does it work with the Double Bubble screen as well?