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What is the difference between bike and car alarms? Any reason I shouldn't have the place that did my car alarm install one on my bike?

BTW, need suggestions on bike alarms.
Sorry Thinker not a suggestion just a warning.
A buddy of mine bought a brand new GIX1100 about 6 years back and took it directly to the shop to have an alarm installed.
Next day he's at my place showing off his bike and his remote start alarm.
We're standing around 100' away from the bike and he hits the remote start button to show off that feature.
Guess he forgot to leave it in neautral when he walked away........and the bike jumped about 5' ahead and crashed down on the gravel driveway.
Guess he should have had a remote start safety installed too.
Ended up majorly scratching the front fairing, left side panel, breaking the mirror off, scratching the hell out of the left can, and left rear panel, footpeg, barend, and lever.
The bike had 40klms on it at the time.
A few days later he purchased every part brand new from Zuk.
Cost: $2900 CDN with taxes and install.
Crappy lesson for him to learn!!!!!
might have some differences with the voltage and outputs but not for sure ? guess would be ok to put car alarm on bike just might not be as easy to hide might be bigger parts to install ?

tilt sensor with 110,000 volts hooked up to the tank is good for security some back and find some one laying by the bike and get on your bike and run their ass over as you leave !!
I have to agree, seems size does matter! Car alarm (brain) generally bigger than what goes on a bike. Unless time is a precious commodity, I'd do this mod myself. Nobody, and I mean nobody is going to look after your baby better than you! I saw a comparison test of the top five or so alarms for bikes sometime back I'll see if I can find and post it for you............
Other than size i haven't heard f any difference. Basically both are 12 volt systems with various amenities. And I know several people who have the ViperSystem on their bikes with all the bells and whistles, including proximity alarm and pager.... So as long as it fits you should be ok.. If you decide to go motorcycle check out Scorpio Alarms they come with a wiring harness that just plugs into the existing wiring harness --nice feature to have and it cuts out the splicing.. Its on my christmas list