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Hey guys and gals, I need some rapid information on alarms for my house. I am in the middle of wiring for electric and network, I need to put an alarm system in but I don't know what is out there to buy. I would like to get something just short of retinal scanning.. I searched the Internet and there are a ton of places to buy hardware but I am not sure what is good and what is bad. Any installers out there in I need to get several keypads, I have to cover 12 windows and 5 doors, I would like the ability to connect via the Internet and expandability to video and X-10 would be nice too. Any ideas?

Goodnews, Saw an article @ sometime back reviewing and rating home alarm systems.
Badnews, I can't remember what it said. However, if you join for a month (cost a couple of bucks) you can have access to the article. Sorry I can't be of more help Captain............
Captain , Captain , Captain . You dont need all that expensive an' hi-tek gadgetry . You just need what I've got.
A Rottweiller , an' a wolf/shepard cross . I just keep them a little hungry....hee hee hee .
Be carefull to REALLY examine the fine print . Cold weather apparantly set off my buddies system , the company kept charging him big $ for the responses .
Here's some tips for you Capt an' everyone else :

1. I would seriously look into dogs.(That locale looks a little isolated...from what I saw in yer pics)
2. I would befriend the neighbours(gr8 watch dogs too) .
3. Let it get out yer an' ex-cop .
4. Timers...for lights , the T.V. , the stereo
5. Goin' out for the nite? Have 2 cars? Leave one in the driveway....not in the garage .
Sorry I couldn't be of more help in choosin' an' alarm system , I really believe in my dogs . The Rotty's especially, there AWESOME around kids . Super smart . If yer out,an' the kids are home alone, I garantee there are very few punks that will go after yer kids, with a couple well trained Rott's in the way.
Have a good night safe . Andy.
Dogs are good, but they are hell to setup over the Internet and they dont take pictures very well.
Dogs are good, but they are hell to setup over the Internet and they dont take pictures very well.
MY GOD CAPT' ... you ARE hi-tech aren't you . Right-on. Pictures,Internet,alarms....let me know if you need a hand with the razor-wire,guard towers,an' searchlights. Kiddin'.
.....keep 'em's our JOB as men.
Have a good night . Rubber .
Captain take a look at this website . It has an awesome collection of gadgets that you want .
Been there, I saw all kinds of good looking stuff but not sure what is expandable, what is good, and what is priced right.