alarm system


Does anyone know of a good paging alarm system for the busa,not to expensive but not junk? and if anyone cares my 2002 salvage is finally finished.
Congrats on the salvage job. Lots of choices in the alarm zone. I think I've heard lots of guys talk about Gorilla alarms. Not to familar with the specifics, but I have heard they don't cost a lot of money. Maybe Thinker62 could give you some direction or Iceman. I believe they have alarms on their bikes................
Congrats on the completion of the salvage job. As for alarms, I'm looking as well. From what i've read over the past couple of months Scorpio is an excellent alarm but it will probably cost you $300+, but whats its worth to keep your baby safe, and the reviews of this alarm are excellent, including its paging abilities. Give it a look before you say its to expensive. Gorilla is well known, it is suppose to be dependable as well as inexpensive, but I've read mixed reviews about its overall performance. Nady makes one as well, but the reviews were limited. some people have taken regular car alarms and placed on their bikes which seems to work as well as bike specific models.. The choices vary depending on all the bells and whistles you want on it.

Check ebay, I've seen some great deals on their site. Now that I finally have to tax man straightened out, i plan on getting an alarm.....

Too many taxes, so little time
I use the scorpio 300 with all the options. cost me 444.00. I had a pager go bad and they replaced it for free. The key fob also broke cause I use it alot. Also replaced free one year later. Highly recommend this company for service and tech support as well as quality product.