Akropovic repair kit


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im trying to buy an akro evloution sys but it has a can with a dent in the side i have seen repair kits on thier website but it doesnt say where to buy them from. Anyone know of anywhere that sells them?
Check out <a href="http://www.58cycle.com">58 Cycle<a>. I think the repair kit is about $175.
Thanks man that was just what i was lookin for
Hey would you guys by an akro with a damaged can for 500 bucks? only the can is dented. its the evolution system with a carbonfiber can. the repair kit is 175
It's not a bad price, but I would have a hard time dropping another 2 bills (w/ shipping) to get it looking right.
i feel you casue they had a nice akro on their now thats only selling 4 640. I didnt get it cause i needed another 280 to get a pc for JC. After this sell on ebay im gonna have 9 bills to go towards getting my bike ready for riding. Thats exhaust and pc. I want some good shid but i wnat it to look nice too.