airshifter causing bike to backfire


ever since i put my airshifter on my bike it would make a blue flame shoot out about a foot out of the muffler when i shift at full throttle. i always thought it was normal until someone at the track told me that it wasnt normal and could damage the bike. he was saying something about detonation. i was wondering if anyone here could give me some actual info on whether or not it is damaging the bike and if so, how to fix it.
Most of the time on a bike with carbs waht happens is the shift kill causes some unburned fuel to enter the pies which ignites from the heat of the pipe.
You might want to turn the kill time down a little bit and see if that helps... but I do that with the kill switch all the time on my SV... :).

Must look really cool at night :p
when you say turn the kill time you mean make the kill time faster or slower? is sounds like you mean make it faster because slower means dont make it kill as long as before. you got me a little confused :super:
are you sure that will make it stop backfiring. the kill time feels just right to me. does anyone elses bike do that with the airshifter?
Yes, I'm sure!
The longest gear transition is 1st to 2nd.
It may still "pop" there, but shouldn't between any of the other gears.
It shouldn't take much to make it quit.
shortten up the kill time. you will probably never be able to tell it was shorttened up, but it will reduce the ammount of unburned fuel in the exhaust. if it gets to short it just won't shift. then add a little more time until it does. i saw a guy at our track split his yosh. good show for a night race.:O
Have you removed your PAIR VALVE? This will eliminate your backfire - it did for me. And with it removed, you can leave the kill time set to your preference.

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