Air shifter problems

Ok bought an air shifter off a friend and having a problem with hooking it up.. i could order another harness but i think i have the right one for the kit.. Just dont understand how to hook the horn up to use it Or what wires he had where So i took a couple pictures of the wires that came with it Its an MPS system


I cannot see what the plugs are on that harness.

It looks like the yellows were attached?

That harness makes no sense to me. You have to plug into the horn harness somewhere, but I don't see the plugs.......
the red wire goes to the hot side of the horn wire(orange),the blue goes to the negative side of the horn wire (black I think) then the black wire goes to ground. the 4 browns go to the neg side of the coils.
Your missing the piece of harness that connects the horn swapper switch,if its a racebike then its not needed.
ok i see what you are talking about now.. that might have been the reason he had that covered with tape.. Might be a dumb Question where would the other piece of the harness connect to

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