Air hawk seats

I tried one going across the salt flats one time.. I liked the beads better for air to flow..
I have one I will use it if I am on a long haul defiantly helps I just don't like it if you are doing any kind of aggressive cornering.i see you are from Medicine Hat lived there for a bit the seat would work for as there are no corners till u hit Golden :rofl:
I used air bladder seat for long trip. Good on bumps, not good for hanging off bike as material is too sticky.

I ordered one 7 years ago and never regretted it.

It tranformed a painful 45 minute ride on a Savage to 7 hour outings.

Plus I deflate it and use it on any >3hr plane rides, and on any >3hr car rides.

After trying mine, a friend bought one just for long hauls in his van.

And last week another friend bought one for his Yammie and is very happy with it.

Agree: maybe not for track days.
Good to know. How much did you pay? Anyone wanna part with it since beads are better? I'm a paraplegic and can't feel my ass or when it's getting sore. I can only ride 80% anymore so I'm not aggressive with corners. I use the ROHO cushion in my wheelchair and its works great. Just worry about getting a pressure sore while riding. Yes no corners around Medicine Hat for hours, good thing we have the fastest production bike to get to the corners quicker lol
If you buy an Airhawk seat, I'de get it from Revzilla.
They'll exchange or return it, quickly and hassle free.
Easiest way to try one, and in a different size if you need to.
Good luck with it.

Airhawk Seat Pad - RevZilla