Air Duct Screen Came Loose?????


Hello, I have a 2011 busa and i recently noticed it had a screen/grill loose on the left air intake duct. I pulled the screen off easily since it was loose however i am unsure on how to re attach it? I pulled out the left side fairing hoping i could remove the air duct then replace the screen on the nose fairing then reinstall the air duct however its not so simple. I am wondering if anyone has had this problem? if so how did you reinstall the screen? I'm unsure of how to remove the nose fairing or the air duct?
Thanks anything would help :banghead:
Figures... that's from going too fast, the air can't get through the screen fast enough. Lousy design :poke:

serious note... what ^^^ said
yeah I'm starting to realize i might have to remove both side fairings, then remove the nose.... all just so i can reinstall the damn screen
why not a small clean bead of silicone to rectify that issue? quick fix and you can probably pull it off without tearing apart the nose.
the screen is compressed between the nose and the ram air tube, i this i have to at least loosen the nose enough to get the screen back in-between them. Ive been looking for a tutorial on how to remove the nose or install the screens but i can't seem to find anything
definitely remove the push pins (5?)directly underneath the nose above the front fender to get you started. i believe the gauge cluster followed by 2 more bolts next to or behind the cluster (10mm?) as well. rock up and down slightly to feel the play in the nose. quarter turn to remove turn signal and head lamp bulbs. i've done it on my Gen 1 years ago but can't remember the details off hand. hope that helps a bit.
Remove push pins on black air cowling above front fender. Remove that piece. Look up and see where screen came from and CAREFULLY fanagle it back in there. If you can't than you're removing the nose.