AHH, Picked up the Busa today, QUICK!!


After waiting a week for the bike to come in, I finally got to pick it up today. Damn thing is a hell of alot louder than the R6 with it's stock pipe. It's weird having the power come on so soon. I haven't really hit it hard yet, wanna get a couple more miles on it and get really used to it, then it's power power power. The one thing i noticed that i don't really like and will take the most getting used to, is the brakes. Do new brakes need to break in?? They don't stop any where near as fast as the R6 used to, but hey it is a much heavier bike, but it def. feels like it needs more. Anyway, i love the bike, some comfy too.
I thought the same thing about the brakes.  850 miles on mine, they still feel like crap.
Gentleman, Time to get some stainless or kevlar lines for your birds, it will help immensely. In the interim get those lines bled, tell the dealer that they are super mushy. This is supposed to be done when they uncrate the things but I do not think they get it done to often. I had mine bled and it made a big difference, make no mistake they will never feel like 954 brakes though.
One other thought, but it did take my pads about 50-100 miles to really start biting. Once the lines are bled and pads are scuffed in properly you will have all the power you want, though, if not the feel...
It IS a heavier bike so it's a little harder to stop. Before you go putting steel braided lines and stuff on my mechanic recommended this: put the bike on the sidestand, turn the bars to the left and put a zip tie around the brake lever so the brakes are on and leave it overnight. This will open the valve and let any air in the lines come back up to the brake reservoir. It worked great for me. If this isn't enough for you then go with the braided lines.

My 2c.
Cool, I will put a few more miles on the bike, and if they are still mushy, then i will try and bleed them or do what Big O said to do.
I have EBC pads and steel braided brake lines. With them you can easily end up going over the bars if your not precise. If thats not enough for you, you may want to get an anchor.

I almost forgot.........
CONGRATS ON THE NEW BUSA!!! Enjoy! Be safe, wear your gear ALWAYS!
Thanks fellas. I still love it when everyone will say, oh don't get that bike, you'll kill yourself. That's all i got when i said i was buying the Busa, well if you're not and idiot and respect the bike, you have nothing to worry about. The bike doesn't feel anymore more powerful than the R6 did driving normal, until you squeeze it a bit, then hang the f### on!!!