Again with the oil question...


I'm sure it's been asked before, but I can't find any Mobil 1 for cycles, or Golden Spectra or any of that stuff around here.

Can anyone point me to an online source?



Your best place to buy it would probly be at a dealer, if they dont have any try Wal-Mart, and if they dont have it, try gas stations. If all else fails get high performace car oil (20w50).

I'll see what i can find online for ya...


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WalMart does not carry Mobil 1 anymore. Autozone carries but it is $8 bucks a quart. I use it anyway.


Just use Mobil synthetic 15w50 you don't need motorcycle specific oil don't waste your money. The polymers are the same. Use Mobil 1 synthetic change it every 1,500 to 2,000 miles and you will never have an oil related problem.........


Do NOT use the "automotive" version of Mobil 1.

Use the motorcycle version, and the correct one at that!

Here's why:

The automotive version has a friction modifier in it (for gas mileage) that CAN cause a wet clutch to slip (cars have dry clutches, our bikes have wet ones).

There are TWO version of Mobil 1 for bikes: one for high revving four cylinder bikes, and one for twins. Use the four cylinder version.

If you think I'm kidding, check out the Mobil 1 website yourself. It's all there.


been using Mobil one 15w50 for years with a wet clutch never had a slipping problem including tons of drag strip passes nothing is harder on the clutch and none of my clutches has ever had a slipping problem. Yes it has a friction modifier in it but I could not find anything saying it caused wet clutches to slip and I have never had a problem in 11 years of racing...Knebnr ( Why would you want to pay the 3 extra dollars a quart) 7bucks a quart is waaaaaaaaaaay to much.....

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I have been using Motul synthetic blend for years, first in the GSXR 750 and now the 'Busa. Any thoughts on this? I got 73k out of the 750 with no engine problems.


If you like the Motul go with the new 300v formula it is very good. If its to expensive then go with the Mobil1 15w50 just as good because Motul buys its polymers from Mobil.........


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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td> (JimGnitecki @ July 13 2002, 19:08)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Do NOT use the "automotive" version of Mobil 1.

Use the motorcycle version, and the correct one at that!


If you think I'm kidding, check out the Mobil 1 website yourself. It's all there.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
That's all mostly fluff by the oil companies. Of course they want you to believe that not spending $8/quart will 'destroy' your clutch and engine. Mobil 1 works just as well as MXT4 at half the price. While it is true that the motorcycle-specific brands have more zinc, less friction modifiers, etc., they don't tell you the actual difference in concentrations. It isn't much in many cases.

You can blindly believe the oil companies or you can believe actual analysis and testing... it's your money. Do a search, I posted several links on tests a while ago, I'm just too tired to find them right now.

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