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Just picked up a 2001 Busa and being 6'2" tall I'd like to replace the OEM windscreen with one that provides abit more portection. Appreciate if you could all throw in your 2 cents as to what would be a effective alternative. I've been to the Zero Gravity site already as well as others. All comments are welcome & thanks.

I have the Zero Gravity touring windscreen which
affords me considerably more wind protection and
I can see the guages directly rather than looking
at them throught the windscreen as I did with the
orginal Suzuki windsreen.  At the time I got it, last
year, it seemed to give the most protection of any
screen available.  I would be interested in knowing
if anyone has found a better one.  I understand the
Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen does not
offer quite the same level of protection, but would
like to hear from users of this product how they
compare it with the original or the touring screen.


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Double bubble are nice. The only drawback, and you really won't see this in the real world anyway, is the added cross-sectional drag they produce. If you plan on doing top speed passes or are into 9/10th drag racing, switch back to stock, but only if you can squeeze yourself (however uncomfortably)behind the stock screen. Of course, if you're doing that, you won't have much use for the mirrors and you'll be strapping the suspension down anyway.
I will be adding a Double bubble to my bike as I desire the added wind protection versus top speed potential. I should add that the windscreen will be smoked. I prefer the look of a smoked screen.


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Oh, try to get a light-smoked windsheild as opposed to a dark one if you want to tuck down and still see through it. You won't be able to see much with a dark one, especially at night as the reflection of the instrument panel lights will overwhelm your visibility.
I will get the light tint. I was orignally going to purchase a dark tint but now that you have brought those problems to my attention I will not.



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I have the zg double bubble,. It is better than the stock & affords good protection, wind still hits shoulders but it is clean air not turbulent. My buddy has the touring on his busa And it is very effective but changes the lines of the bike, For long distance touring I would buy the touring, for all purpose the d.b. is a good shield.. hope this helps..
I am currently looking into buying a busa and saw one on e-bay with a chrome sportech. It looked good and looked like it would give good protection. Anyone tried one. I am 6'4" so I will probably be looking at screens.
I have the ZG DB,
not sure if I see a difference,
looks nice, you see the gauges pretty clearly.
Everybody here on the board are very positive about it.
That is why I biught mine.


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I also went with the looks sweet and is very sturdy.........all the guages are now in plain sight.

I love it!!!!!
I am currently looking into buying a busa and saw one on e-bay with a chrome sportech.  It looked good and looked like it would give good protection. Anyone tried one.  I am 6'4" so I will probably be looking at screens.
Make sure you get the V-Flow Sportech. The standard chrome model is not see-through, nor is it a double bubble design. The V-Flow, however, is a higher profile and has see-through chrome.


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I have a dark smoke bubble... and I like it alot except for racing with it at night!!!

I can't see through it at ALL!!!
ahh well... I put up with it.
I want to put my two cents in concerning the windscreens.  I bought a Puig double bubble three weeks ago.  A few days after I mounted the screen I went on a four hundred mile one day trip.  This double bubble not only ruined my trip but had just about knocked me senseless by the time I got home that night.  The screen gave my chest good protection....but it was like there was a funnel at the front of the bike, funnelling the wind right to my face and head.  It was a turbulent, uncomfortable wind at speeds above 80 mph.  I'm 5' 10" and normal build.  The next day the stock screen was back on and that same night the Puig double bubble was on ebay for sale.  Good riddence....I'll never have a double bubble again.  I do plan to try a touring screen, seeing as how I do travel on my Busa from time to time.  I'd love to hear reviews concerning the Puig touring screen.

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The reviews from the Puig Touring screen are nothing short of awesome from the two or three people on this site that have them. I am looking to get one myself but am having a terrible time finding one. All I have found is pay us now and we'll ship it to ya in 6-8 weeks IF we get some


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I have a DUB-L BUB-L for poser value. Its tinted blue also. It does look cool. You think them japs did a shiddy job in the wind tunnel...nah... they built the fastest production vehicle on the planet.

Personally, I believe the stocker works great.Very little wind to the face etc etc... actually, if you think about, a little wind to the chest isn't a bad thing... it takes alot of weight off yer hands(a weak point during 500 mile days).

but that Zero Gravity.... in blue.... yum yum...

hav a well protected 1...RSD.



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