Aftermarket Exhaust Hanger


Does anybody know where or who makes an exhaust hanger/bracket for a Gen1? Looking for a mount that is lightweight and doesn't have the footpeg mount. Something more streamlined kinda like on a Gsxr which will hold a 4-2-1 low mount exhaust. I think ive seen a pic or 2 of an aluminum exhaust bracket but I forget where :banghead: basically a flat piece of aluminum with circles cut out that attaches to the frame at the rear set mount and extends out to hold the exhaust. Im not sure if it was a 1off piece or if somebody has any specs or dimensions to make another??

Any help would be much appreciated :beerchug:
Sounds like typically flatbar. The stuff they use to send with under dash stereo stuff, eight tracks, etc. :laugh: I think I have some of that stuff in the garage. Probably galvanized steel.
I have a pair somewhere around the house. Let me see if I can find them
Hey Big E if you can find the 1 for the right side please PM and let's work out a deal :please:
My mechanic made this up for me. He said it was easy... if you know how to weld!

I had this on the trackbike. This would be easy enough to make with a set of pliers and a hacksaw


Make sure the bar is as thick or thicker like Pans otherwise with street roads and all the vibrations may not last. You could have my modded one.