Aftermarket engine covers selection


I've seen a couple different brands of stator covers. Woodcraft seems to be very popular.

I was just wondering how others compare. I'm mostly concerned about weight reduction.

Also like to note any Opinions on clutch covers since I would like to change that some day as well.


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Mythos, a lot of us have the Woodcraft covers. I bought one years ago on this board, liked it so much, became a dealer for them.

Don't have one to weigh but they are solid billet so not heavy. They look awesome, but the removable / replaceable puck is a huge selling point. Bike falls over in garage, it'll come to a rest on the pucks. Replace that, done. In a crash or lowside, your stock stator cover will easily crack, or even crumble under impact.

Woodcraft mainly sells racing components, so you can imagine their take on protecting the stator.

Woodcraft Engine Covers: Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph Motorcycles | Pashnit Moto

The flip side is lots of custom options: There's also billet, plus chrome models, cool stuff engraved, etc. And lastly there is the see-thru models with lexan glass. Couple busa owners have even installed LEDs behind the glass and lit up the inside of the stator, pretty cool stuff.

Go with what works for you. We sell all three.








Or black...



Thanks, Tim. I'm leaning toward the Woodcraft. It is a nicer cover and higher quality than the Yanna Shiki. Yanna shiki sometimes makes crappy products. Their windscreens are horrible. Huggers are good fit fine and very light....not the strongets but that is the trade-off in high performance. You usually sacrifice some durability for weight. If Woodcraft can combine strength and lightweight characteristics, I'd go for it but I see they even describe there covers as "double thick" in one of your links.

The price is not that different between Yanna Shiki and Woodcraft (about 10 bucks) so price is not a factor.

You got the parts there, Tim? Throw 'em on the scale and report for me.. PM if you like or ask for my email if you cannot mention weight dif on the internet. We've done some business in the past and I'd love to pick up a stator cover from you....I need some Pazzos, too.

yep, poor 2008 B/O busa up in Milwaukee took a nap on the driveway. damn. Lesson #1 look down at the sidestand to be sure it was not left up (learned on the 14) Lesson #2 learned on the busa, Always remember , please never forget....It's not enough to look down at the sidestand, nudge that sidestand forward until it LOCKS... every time!!


About $60 each. I really have to wonder.....? should I ?


I must say, for the price, I have had rather good luck with Chinese made parts. Yanna Shiki windscreen not withstanding (I assume it was not made in the US).


Go with the Woodcraft.............. It looks good and is functional. That thing will take a lick and keep on ticking, all you need to do is replace the slider puck. Unlike those chinese and yanachitty knockoffs :whistle:


Yes those pictured are not only knock offs, they are knockoffs of Yanna Shiki! Yanna Shiki sells LRC covers Pashnit posted links to in his post above. The LRC covers look nice and they are about the same price as Woodcraft. I assume they are decent quality. If the Yanna Shiki stuff fits right, it is good....I cant say it will be the strongest but it works as it is molded properly to fit on the bike (which they do NOT for there useless windscreens).

I think Yanna Shiki is more a distributer of parts. I don't think they manufacture all of their stuff. There is a range of quality and fit.


If you are going to buy a solid (not see through) clutch cover aftermarket, LRC is about the only one I have seen so far and they are about $360!!!!. I don't see why a good stator cover can be had for $160 and it costs over 3x as much for a clutch cover.


I got the Woodcraft.

Regarding an earlier comment I made, the term "double thick" refers to the skid pads available. There is a stainless steel skid pad which is thin. Also aluminum skid pads which are all twice as thick as the stainless steel. The cover itself is safely engineered to be very lightweight because the skid pads will take the impact and abrasion in a crash.

So my concern that Woodcraft may be heavier than other covers is unfounded.


I have everything apart and I was able to weight the OEM cover and the Woodcraft.

Woodcraft + gasket + scuff pad and scuffpad screws

the scuffpad and screws weigh exactly 2.0 oz

OEM Stator Cover + Gasket

10.6 oz. That to me, is a small weight gain for the bike but it still has significance. To remove or replace a part that nets a 10 oz weight loss is a major improvement in basic weight reduction.

I contacted our buddy, Tim at Pashnit about this and the information he gave me provided a very good counterpoint. These are used for racing. They are strong enough to take a drop or impact from a crash and not crumble. They definitely do look beautiful and high quality.

So I am really torn now. Do I put the nifty new Woodcraft on and proudly ride my busa or avoid the 11 oz increase and go back to OEM?


These would probably be adequate to protect the OEM cover in a garage tip over but they look like they would decrease cornering clearance. They are made of nylon. Light but not gonna hold up for long if the bike is sliding on the left side.

The Woodcraft cover is exactly 2" deep. Same as the OEM cover. The portion that protrudes from the fairing is cut to the same angle as the fairing like the OEM cover. The scuff pad is on the face of the cover and doesn't seem like it would interfere with maximum lean angle. Looks like they were paying attention when it came to clearance.