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Ok, there are plenty here installing aftermarket Webb cams with adjustable sprockets daily. Could you PLEASE post a specific cam thread. All about install, degreeing, pins between points, shimming, etc. Please. :please::please::please::please::please:
If it weren't for the red x's, it'd be an awesome start. I know a pretty fair amount BUT putting the cams actually IN has become the problem. I already broke and had to get replaced a cam bearing. What I need is a full write up about putting them in to begin with. I can find the nose of the cam and all that. I just can't get the damned things in properly to begin with. Where I'm messing up I think, is where the lines on the cam end itself line up with the top of the head. It seems to be wrong because on TDC, the cam lobes would push open the valves on the intake side of #1. When I put it off of that, I get a binding effect and I don't want that obviously. How many pins go between which numbers? Here I'm reffering to the 1 2 and 3 dots on the adjustable sprockets. Which dot goes on top? The one dot, two dots, or three dots, when I'm putting them in? Why does my cam chain tensioner feel too stiff as I'm putting the spring and plunger back into it? I'm just having some problems that I'm sure are cake to some, but as I mentioned in my busa build thread, I have never done these kinds of cams before. I watched Tombo Racing videos and still can't seem to perfect it since he's doing a Gen II motor.
The hash marks should be in the same direction,
What cams do you have?
Who installed the sprockets?
Is the exhaust cam really an exhaust, or a Intake swap?
I have re ground cams from Webb. They are my stock ones welded and then ground. SAE outlaw put the sprockets on. The little hash marks on the front of the cam is in line with a hash mark on the sprocket adaptor. 1 for the intake, 2 for the exhaust. The cams are IN 24F and EX 24F.
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lol DO3, I thought of that lol. I got it figured out for now but the numbers are WAY off for valve lash. According to Webb cams, they are supposed to be .006-.008 and (though I had to stop today for an optometry appointment where they dilated my eyes and I couldn't do anything else today) I've attached the sheet to show what I have so far. Do we have that shim bank made someone was talking about not long ago? If so, I'd like to get some from someone if I need them. All the ones I have can go to it when I'm done.

valve clearances.jpg
Ok. Here is the chart showing clearances and what shims are installed. I can't figure out what shims to use. Please take a look and let me know which shims to use to get .006-.008" for intake and .008-.010" for exhaust.

Thanks in advance and I'll have shims ready to go after the help for our Shim Vault

Valve Clearances 2.png
Here is the chart showing inches and mm. According to the book and the prophecy, I am good but I can't see how that is. Please let me know what math you can do and help me figure out which shims I need and where! Again, Thank You for your time!

Valve Clearances 2.png
Valve lash for intake is 4 to 8
And exhaust is 8 to 12
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Left you a voicemail John. The install sheet says different but I trusty you and timed like you said