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OKay guys before I even start this topic I am not trying to beat the proverbial dead horse. Something has happened over this summer and I am trying to get some info for a friend of mine on the 07 Busas......heres the story.

I don't know if anyone will remember or not but back in June I posted that a really good buddy of mine was selling his bike due to marital issues. I rode with him a lot and was very dissapointed to see him drop the sport. He was the guy that rode the red CBR1000RR that I posted a couple pics with. Well heres the update. After trying to reconcile things they have just decided that it's not gonna work between them and a divorce is in file. He did not think it would affect the purchase of a new bike though if it was in his name only so last Friday he went and ordered a new 06 Black 1000RR and got a list of goodies for it only to find out that her lawyer was going to try and force him to lose it out of spite on her half. So he went to Honda and asked to cancel the order. They agreed but said he would have to pay the shipping costs since it was already enroute of 215$. He agreed to that. NOW.....

After us discussing how bad it sucked that he was about to get back into riding again and then that got spoiled he said well I am not too upset. I asked why and he said I think I am just gonna go ahead and get a Busa in the winter. Keep in mind being around mine has had him VERY curious for 3 years now. I was kinda surprised though because he has mentioned getting one before but not like this. Now this is where the question comes in.

I know what boat he's in and I can't really advise him. He is wondering for one if he wants to get this years model or wait for next years if they have a sweet color or bad arse limited edition. Also his other big concern to postpone his decision is the much debated Busa "Makeover". He asked me if I had heard anything new about that and all I could tell him was that I have heard TONS most of them were these

1.) 1400cc
2.) 1500cc - 6 cylinder
3.) 1400cc but weight reduced to the mid 400 range
4.) A jet motor with retractable wings capable of flying

Now I also told him that I have been hearing these rumors since 04 to. BUT with the new release of the Foreman grilling 14 I am apt to believe that this may finally be the fire under Suzuki's arse to up the antee.

So I guess I am just asking you guys for one has anyone heard anything maybe a little definitive on the makeover yet or even got some color possibilities? I know where my buddy is at. Hell if it was me I'd be thinking the same thing.....should I buy now or regret it when the hopped up one comes out.

What should I tell him Busa bros?


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One, Quit listening to all the hype and BS and buy a Bike he likes.

Two, Don't tell him anything cause until the vegas Show it's all just guess work and BS.

Seriously though, tell him to wait a few more weeks... Then he should be able to pick his faovorite of the BNG Busa's.


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The recent Paris show announced only new color schemes (yellow, red, and black/silver/grey schemes) and meeting Euro 3 requirements. Of course this may be just for Europe...not sure.


As the guys have stated, wait several weeks to get the full scoop on what's to come however, I would advise your friend to make certain he is LEGALLY separated and both are living in their own separate households prior to making ANY major purchases including a new motorcycle. Otherwise, he's liable to pay for it twice over when it comes to settlement of property with the devil, er, a...ex-wife.


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Dido on waiting a couple of weeks. When he is ready to purchase. If there is any question on if she can take the bike away. You buy it & have him pay you. Your name is on the bike & she has no ties to it. Just make sure he has his own insurance for it. (I've done it before for a very close freind)


First tell him good luck with the devil.. and then yes wait and just buy the bike that he is gonna enjoy riding the most. zay

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