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Hi there guys on my 2007 Busa. When I hammer it, it feels like a power band is kicking in. this is not what bothers me: it is the fact that it is very inconsistent . at first it only happened in first gear but does experience it in second gear as well. I did recently service the motor( plugs, oil , oil filters, air filter) also did change my chain and sprockets today. But still got that inconsistent kick. Please give me some advice what to look out for.


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How many miles, describe the "kick". Could be cush drive rubber slop.

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about 23000 miles. the kick is difficuilt to explain on your older bikes 125 cc you had an power band so is is like sudenly there is a power increase but in this case it like revs goes up and more like an slipping of power

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Are you talking about going down the road and opening the throttle and the rpm's go up but the bike doesn't go any faster? If so it sounds like you either have a bad clutch or your teeth are about wore out on one of your sprockets and the chain is slipping on the sprocket.


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Just changed the oil,then this started? Did you use the same oil you always have? Or did you try something new?

Check the vacuum unit on the open a plate inside the airbox which could be staying shut until the engine basically sucks it open under high load / rpm.

I cut the plate out of mine to remove any potential problems from it and also to improve induction sound.
Plate usually opens at around test it remove and open the airbox and put your finger over the vacuum unit air pipe and try to move the plate...if you can do it easily its faulty....either replace it of cut the plate out but leave the vacuum unit unless you have a way to blank off the hole it would leave.
sorry for the poor discription guys. it happen after i had the sprockets changed. on my way home this morning find that I have no clutch. the bike mechanic had got air in to my brake(clutch) fluid. and this cause to plates to slip.


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I was thinking clutch slippage from an oil perspective. Sounds like the problem was found! Have fun after the air is bled out!!


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Should have told us about the sprocket change,then it could have been figured out faster. :banghead:

I feel like I was half right on this one. (clutch issue) look at me...look at me.:banana: :laugh:

Thought the oil did it thou.

O well,better luck next time. (for me). :rofl:


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