Advice needed

I would walk on the deal but like said earlier, have a mechanic check out the fram and see if that dent would total the bike. I would only do this if your choices out there are that limited. If you do go though with it all then I would get a complete list of what you need to repair cost, and cost of shipping it all out to you. then I would minus that from the offer plus about thousand or two for the cost of time it will take to fix it.

But if it were me I would keep looking.

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Thanks everyone...Guess it made my mind up...walk away it is
Good call :thumbsup: Rebuilding a bike ALWAYS ends up costing more than you the time its done you've spent as much or more than just buying a clean one in the first place, and sunk all the time and labor in for nothing. Plus its my understanding that once the structural integrity of a frame is compromised by a dent, insurance won't touch it. Like somebody else said it would be totaled.
just me 2 cents dent in fram e means move'll never get by that in your head i perssonally would always be nervous on a bike that had a dent in the frame