adjusting the idle...


what would cause a bike to not hold its idle...

I set mine at 1150 rpm's and around 100/200 miles later its back down to 1000 rpm's

I must have set that dang screw 10 times now...... ( getting tired of taking the seat off and lifting the tank every week... )

If it is just the idle scew backing out, maybe a drop of Locktite on the threads as you screw it in will hold it. Red it the harder stuff, Blue is medium.

At least then if it continues changing RPM, you can rule out the screw and go after vaccum leaks.
i dont need to take my seat off to adjust the idle, it comes out of the fairing on the right hand side??? is that normal?:super:? :super:
They had that external idle adjuster cable on the first years then in 2001 the adjuster screw is on the throttle body. I want one like yours to make it easy. The shop manual shows the location for idle adjust on the right side sticking out from the cowl. It took me 15 minutes to figure out it was changed on mine.

Does anyone know if the older style cable can be installed on my '01?