Adding LED's to the stock taillight?


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Since the only replacement tail lights for the K8 seems to be an integrated unit, I was wondering if I could't just slap some LED's inside the taillight instead? Anyone done this, is it feasible?
send me your housing & gimme a couple weeks..... I'll make ya one
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You can always delete the install of the integrated signals wiring. Judging by the pics of most them it wouldn't affect appearance to much since they only one slot of yellows on the side.

Strife, I agree, but I'm not loving that look either. I'm thinking about just going for it and trying to mod my stock lens. I'll keep ya'll posted. ;)
how bout goin with Strife's idea and just paintin inside of lense with Dupli-Color metalcast red
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The taillight that Strife posted is actually much brighter than stock. I looks really good installed. The only part that isn't really bright is the turn signal bars. They are not pointed back, but up at almost 45 deg. From directly behind the bike they are pretty dim. The red LEDs for the brakes are very bright.
MetalCast red is a translucent red paint. You could use it to make the lense look more like a stock red lense
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