Accident Update


Well, it has been three weeks or so since my accident. I've been debating back and forth about selling the scooter. Funny thing is, the better my knee gets, the more I want to ride, so I don't think it's going anywhere. Now I'm looking for a few parts to get it running again before the AMA race coming up in a couple of weeks. It should be ridable, but not pretty when I head down there. I can't wait to get back on and have that big goofy grin again.
After my wreck I knew that I would ride again it just takes a little time to get comfortable again. I like riding to much to have given it up. Take your time and try it.
All will come in time. Just remember WHY you started riding in the first place. Are those reasons still there? I hope the accident didn't tarnish your spirit too much. My crash I tried to take in stride and LEARN from it. Remember: Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. (paraphrased famous cliche). Good luck, Chris
Don't sell the scooter just yet. Wait 'til you're all better, or at least until the race. I'd hate to have you saying that you wish you hadn't sold the bike. Wait and make sure you want to sell it.
yeah wait till you are up and about and gone out for about 6 months of riding before you decide to sell it. I figure once your up and at it again for 6 months you'll be comfortable and confident enough to say whether you want to keep it or sell it .... But I'ld bet in less thyan 30 days of being back on it thtat that silly grin will be back on your face and selling it will be the last thing on your mind