Whats up everyone?

I'm 21 and from Montreal, and I recently bought a 1998 gixxer 600, blue and white. What a great ride, nothing like a Hayabusa I bet, but fast enough for now...I just joined cause this bike is simply incredible. Anyways, I was wondering (out of curiosity!!) if anyone had the exact acceleration numbers (0-60 and 1/4 mile) for a bone stock busa, and mention the year of the bike. Thanks alot, and I'd appreciate a response.

2.3 0-60, 9.30@155 for a professional racer (the best I have known, and yes, bone stock).

For the average rider, ~2.7-3.2 0-60 and ~9.5-10@145-150.
Thanks for the response guys...yeah i heard 2.2 recently for a 0-60 mph run...amazing those quarter mile runs are at breakneck times...anyways thanks again for the info...

2.3 is 0-60 mph. Haven't seen 2.2, but I also haven't been looking.

Not hard to believe, especially everytime I look down at the speedo.
I have an 01
dyno'd at 166.3 hp.
yosh full race pipe, tre, k&n air filter, 16 tooth front sprocket
I weigh 200 lbs.
I run the bike at LACR, elevation around 3500 feet.
Best time I have got is 10.725 at 135mph.
the elevation kills your speed. I have run other busas there, same times, gsxr1000, same times.
Who on earth got 9.3 out of a bone stock rhino? That is incredible! I have never heard of such 1/4 times. I suggest that many Rhino owners would not get anywhere near a 10 second pass from their machines because they are rather bizarre creatures to launch due to the back torque limiter on the clutch. This can scare the bejesus out of people when they launch. I personally have not seen many of my UK mates get anywhere near 10.1 on 1/4. Only when they are dropped have I seen lower times.

My personal best is a 9.93 @145. Not lowered, stretched or with a drop in tyre pressure...
Who on earth got 9.3 out of a bone stock rhino?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Suzuki's own race test team back when they were being released. Probably won't see consistent times like that from someone that doesn't race for a living.
Oh of course, it was Suzuki themselves that got those times from a motorcycle they had built. That's why I have never heard of such times since, professional racer or not. Were these the same chaps that got oiver 200 mph out of a bone stock rhino?