Brought The last of us for the PS3 on Friday.

Played for nearly six hours only to find out on Saturday that there's a bug in it, so none of my progress was saved.:banghead:
Had to start it all again.

Thought it was a bit strange because when I went to save it, it said auto save was running all the time.
I couldn't access the save game menu,

I just thought as I was playing on easy, it was just saving all the time as I went along.
The cure for the bug is quit the game and start again.

It's saving now.:thumbsup:

I always play on easy as I pretty rubbish at games.:laugh:

It seems like a pretty good game so far.


know that feeling... What games are you playing? Perhaps we can meet online sometime ;) PS ID is the same as my ORG name :beerchug:


Sorry I didn't answer sooner.

I don't really play many games anymore, just read so many good reviews of The last of us and thought I'd buy it.

Not got many games for the PS3, used to use the Xbox 360 a Lot more.
So I brought all the games on it.

Can't remember the last game I brought before this one for the PS3.

Never really played online either.
Got Xbox Gold once used, it to play online twice.

Thanks for the invite anyway.


oRg Gal
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Many years ago, my Dad would watch my then fiance and I play Nintendo...he never understood how we could sit there trying to get through world after world in games for hours on end.

Well, one day the fiance and I were out and about all day, came back to my Dad's and noticed the light from the TV was on as we pulled up, but when we walked in, it was off...immediately noticed the Nintendo was covered with a sweatshirt or something. My Dad later confessed that he'd gotten hooked on playing a game called "Rygar" for something like 16 hours, and when we pulled up, he didn't want us to know he'd been hooked on a game all day, so he tossed a sweatshirt over the console to hide his gaming. When he did that, it turned the console off and he lost the entire game :rofl:


Man 16 hours lost.
Did he ever play again or was that his only time.

Time can go so quick when your playing games.